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AIM Chat Rooms

Ready to get into AIM chat rooms? Perfect. If you're having any trouble, read the requirements for AIM chats below. These are absolutely required.
1) These aim chatrooms are application based. You must have AIM installed on your computer. Specifically AIM version 7 and under. Not 8!
2) You'll have to associate your browser with AIM.
Need further help? Check out our FAQ for more detailed information.

We do not update this chat list! For an updated chat list, visit gotchat's aim chat rooms list.

AIM Chat Rooms

Alone@Home SingleAgain RomanceConnection
TwentiesLove ThirtiesLove FortiesLove
LesbianChat BiChat GayChat
Horny Love Cyber
Lobby Chat Bored Help Chat

AIM Chat Rooms FAQ Excerpt
Q. Why do i have to have the AIM software to join the AIM chats?
A. Because that's just how they're setup. These chatrooms weren't programmed for anything else but AIM. So you need the AIM software to connect to them.

Q. Why must I have AIM 7 or under?
A.Because in AIM8+, the programming team over at AOL removed these chatroom function from the software, which have been replaced with "AIM Blasts", something different, boring, and annoying.

Q. How do I download an older aim version?
To download an older AIM version just check out our Downloads page.

Q. What's this about associating my browser with AIM?
A. You need to associate your browser with the AIM software beccause that's how this website and your AIM communicate with each other. You click on a chat link, and this website tells your AIM software which AIM chat room to enter.

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AIM Chat Rooms

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